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  • Easily reactivate past clients with zero effort
  • Stimulate an unlimited number of client referrals ...automatically
  • Capitalize on the proven benefits of relationship marketing
  • Multiple revenue streams - introduce new services and products to your list
  • Triple website traffic conversion and increase 'opt-in' rates
  • Get hot leads from your blog and website with built in lead generators, ebooks and reports
  • Deliver content rich newsletters all while on autopilot
  • Keep prospects just a click away from your site and services
  • Increase the amount of money you're getting from your Architecture business

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Broadcast To Your Subscribers

With ArchReach you're not just limited to two automatic newsletters per month, nope. Have something to say, sell, or promote? Communicate with your subscribers anytime with our quick and easy email broadcast system. No fancy HTML skills required – just type in your message, add your links, preview your message and send.

Personalize Your Newsletter

Give your newsletter your personal look and feel with custom headers, footers, colors and format using our easy to use, state of the art, drag-and-drop newsletter editor. ArchReach makes matching your newsletter with your website and business easy and seamless. Embed social media share and like buttons for Facebook and Twitter to automatically generate your social proof and make your weekly newsletter go viral! Choose from over 20 starter newsletter templates. Make your newsletters, opt-ins, pages and broadcasts completely original and unique or just run with one of the professionally made starter templates and start broadcasting professional level content with virtually no effort on your part. Every newsletter article is professionally researched and crafted in-house by our team of talented and certified authors. But it doesn't stop there because YOU get total creative control. Easily add content, edit content, or remove any part of the newsletter you wish to fit your specific training philosophy.

Complete Creative Control

Every newsletter article tip is professionally researched and crafted in-house by our team of talented and certified authors. But it doesn't stop there because YOU get total creative control. Easily add content, edit content, or remove any part of the newsletter you wish to fit your specific  philosophy. And if you’re looking for alternative topics or additional content to add to or replace any of the weekly done-for-you newsletters, you’re granted access to a massive repository of hundreds of professionally crafted articles, tips and broadcasts.

Quality Content, Articles and Tips

Each and every issue is packed with fresh, new, never recycled content that you won't find anywhere else. You'll find every article is timely, well researched, informative, and fun to read. That's why your clients and prospects will be so eager to forward a copy of your newsletter to their circle of influence. You also get access to hundreds of past articles, newsletters and tips that can add to, replace, or bolster all of your broadcasts and newsletters.

Repurpose and Showcase Your Newsletters

Get the most from your fitness marketing e-newsletter by maximizing your list. Do you offer other products, services, or affiliate programs that can help your subscribers and clients achieve their goals faster? Embed offers, text links and affiliate links into your emails and newsletter and start generating a passive income stream instantly.

Spread your content all over the web with automatically generated web pages and custom domain links for each broadcast or newsletter you distribute. Drive traffic to your website or linked broadcasts and newsletters with the automated posting feature for both Facebook and Twitter pages.

Your Newsletter Comes with a Turn-key Referral System

Through a special link embedded in your newsletter, your subscribers are encouraged to refer their friends, family, and coworkers to your personal Architecture business. When your subscribers click the special "Refer a Friend" link they are taken to a unique web page where they can enter the names and email addresses of the people that they feel would benefit most from your service. When a client refers a friend you'll automatically receive an email with the information you need to contact your new prospect and schedule their initial consultation and subscribe them to your newsletter.

Canadian Users: The ArchReach Newsletter can be set to automatically format all of its pages, newsletters, and referral generating systems to comply with all Canadian Anti-Spam laws. Additional disclaimers and certain deactivated features ensure the entire system operates within regulatory specifications.

Get More Architecture Consultations

Getting a steady stream of Architecture consultations has never been easier. Through a special link embedded in your newsletter your subscribers are just one click away from scheduling a architecture consultation with you. Once again, ArchReach Newsletter makes clients attraction easy with our exclusive, fully-customizable consultation generator page.

Grow Your Contact List With Lead Generators and Web Forms

Ready-To-Use Lead Generators and Sign-up Banners

Any marketing expert will tell you that the list is king – and they're right. The secret to quickly building a large and responsive subscriber list lies in converting your website visitors into newsletter subscribers. ArchReach Newsletter gives you ready-to-use opt-in and list builders to help you convert website visitors into loyal newsletter subscribers. Use any of the 15 pre-made templates or customize your list builders with the drag and drop editor. Use traditional popup list builders or the link popup list builders to ensure that your prospects fill your contact list with thousands of emails.

Popup List Builders

Have you seen those slick looking popups that many marketers are using to collect email addresses? In case you haven't, they are opt-ins designed to maximize lead generation by popping over your site's content after a few seconds, commanding the full attention of your visitor. With ArchReach Newsletter you can instantly create popup list builders for your sites, with multiple styles and offers to choose from!

Link Popup List Builders

Choose from the traditional pop-up opt-ins and opt-in banners or utilize the list building power of the link pop-up list builder. Ordinary list building tools encourage your readers and site visitors to volunteer their contact information, allowing you to build your list. But the link pop-up list builder requests client contact information immediately after clicking a website link or “Add to Cart” button. This simple and convenient step is guaranteed to build your list faster with genuinely interested prospects primed and ready to respond to your newsletters. And all pop-up list builders and link list builders are completely customizable using our templates and drag and drop editor.

Easily Manage Your Contact List

Import your existing list and build it bigger with FitPro Newsletter™. Capture email addresses from your website or blog with our ready-to-use opt-in lead generators and newsletter sign up boxes. View, edit, export, and manage your subscriber list with a simple click. Import contacts from your existing lists, enter information individually for each client, or copy and past entire segments of your list into the ArchReach Newsletter contact database with one easy step. You can even export your entire list or certain sections of your list, allowing you to quickly and easily access your stored client information.

Advanced List Segmentation

Now you can segment your email lists into different 'groups', and build multiple cross sections of subscribers, clients, past clients, and prospects. And you can easily broadcast to each segmented list so you can get the most out of your business.

Rebroadcast to Un-opened Emails: Now you can send targeted email messages to recipients who have left your email unopened. ArchReach Newsletter will show you all un-opened email addresses so that you can re-market to them with another email.

Birthday Recognition System For Prospects, Clients, and Lost Clients

Attract new clients who have remained on your list but are yet to purchase your services with a birthday message that congratulates prospects while offering a special birthday promotion. Make your current clients feels appreciated and recognized with a customizable birthday message that motivates them to remain on your system and continue to seek improvement. Bring back your expired or lost clients with a birthday message that reminds them how they are valued and how you hope for their return.

Create Your Own Web Pages

Create and Customize a Page in Minutes

With ArchReach Newsletter you can instantly create and fully customize web pages from over 20 predesigned templates in a matter of seconds. No need to hire a web guy or worry about web hosting, just use our easy template and drag and drop system. You can even use your own custom domain name. Your visitors never have to know they are on our site. The Web Page editor gives anyone the power to create custom webpages with a professional look, feel and style within a matter of minutes. You can even embed social media share and link buttons for Facebook and Twitter, videos, and bullet lists with customizable icons, into each of your pages

Choose From Five Different Page Types

  • Squeeze Pages - These are carefully crafted pages that showcase your offers and reports to maximize your lead generation.
  • Refer a Friend Pages - Unique web pages where your clients and subscribers can enter the names and email addresses of the people that they feel would benefit most from your service.
  • Consultation Pages - Generate qualified, Easy-To-Sell leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Thank You Pages - Create your own thank you pages for list builder forms, squeeze pages, consultation pages, and more!
  • Blank - Design your own page from scratch.

Facebook Like Boxes

Social proof is critical online and no other site delivers as much social proof as Facebook. Facebook "Like" boxes instantly prove that your content is valuable, trusted, and a credible resource. You can instantly add Facebook Like boxes to all of your FitPro pages.

Advanced Marketing Features

Ready To Go Email Campaigns

Your ArchReach Newsletter account comes fully loaded with prewritten, ready to use email campaigns designed to rake in new clients and referrals. Here are a few examples:

  • Email Template Example 1

Automated Email Series

With the ArchReach Newsletter autoresponder system you can automatically send emails to your clients and prospects over time. This is an easy way to convert prospects to clients and encourage your current clients to send referrals your way. ArchReach Newsletter comes with a built in autoresponder series, such as the Ultimate Referral Generation System, or you can build your own from scratch.

Track and Analyze Mailing Results

Easily track open percentage, broadcast dates, and always maintain a clean list with our exclusive bounce email removal system that automatically removes bad, invalid and mistyped email addresses resulting in deliver rates above 98%.

See which contacts on your lists are opening individual broadcasts, find the emails that work with certain segments of your list and arrange your contacts according to this feedback. View a timeline graph that shows click and open rates over time and get access to an activity stream that displays your list’s interaction with all of your content.

Ever wondered how your clients react and interact with your content? The Click Overlay View allows you to see exactly which links within your newsletters and broadcasts are being clicked, how many times they receive clicks, and the percentage of total contacts who clicked on your links. Find out which links work, which ones don’t, and how you can better craft your newsletters to get the most interaction.

Easy To Use, Awesome Support Features

Best of all, we've built ArchReach Newsletter from the ground up to make everything easy and intuitive, so you can get the most out of all the amazing features. You can search your entire account to quickly and easily find exactly what you are looking for. You will also get increased storage capacity that allows you to upload and easily access tons of important files and content. And ArchReach's integrated help system gives you the help you need, where and when you need it.​

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