Frequently Asked Questions and Tutorial Videos for Your ArchReach Account

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Getting Started

ArchReach System Overview

Video Training (1hr 41mins) on ArchReach Basics!

How to login to my account?

How to add users to my account?

How to import contacts?

Can I import Linkedin contacts?

How to create a .csv file?

How to update or change my business contact information?

How to change the "from" email address in my emails?

How to edit the Done-For-You emails in the automations?

How to edit or create new message variables?

How to Opt-in your old or offline contact list?


Important! Please read: Our List Import Policy

How to edit or make a new list?


How to create a new form?

How to change or edit the form fields?

How to integrate a form into my website?


How to create a new automation sequence?

How to edit the Done-For-You automations?

How to manually remove a contact from an automation?

How to organize all of your automations?

How to use your 30 Day Follow Up automations?

How to use your ArchReach Network Follow Up automation?


How to send a Campaign Email?

How to add images to my Image Manager?

How to create a new email template?

Landing Pages

How to create a landing page?


How to generate reports?


How to use Tags to segment your lists?

How to add Tags to your contacts?